RAID Analysis

Classic planning technique that asks participants to identify Risks, Assumptions, Issues & Dependencies for an upcoming project.

Best For

Team ownership of issues

When to Use

A new venture or project

RAID stands for Risks, Assumptions, Issue and Dependencies.

A RAID session is more formal than similar sessions, but helps a team plan their approach to a project. Use this format to identify issues that could de-rail a project, and how they need to be managed.

A RAID session isn't just a data gathering session. It provides the most value when you discuss and prioritise issues, then identify mitigation and actions. Sometimes explicit intervention isn't always required, but it can be sufficient that the whole team is now aware of an issue that was raised.

Tips for running this session

Newcomers to a RAID board can become confused at the difference between Risks and Issues. Issues are current Issues that are affecting the team, and Risks are something that could have a negative effect in the future.

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