Terms of Use


An account must be created with Metro Retro in order to use the service. This allows a users content to be linked to their account and for them to be able to utilise the controls of their account and content within the limitations of the software. The information or data provided by the user will be used within the boundaries set out in the Metro Retro Privacy Policy.

Users are responsible for activities undertaken within their account and curated content. Metro Retro is not liable for any acts or omission by users, or new users invited to participate, in the software or board.


In using Metro Retro, the content curated by a user is completely under their control and within their responsibility. The Metro Retro boards or workspaces created by a user (including content created by new, invited users) are controlled by the board owner, and they are liable for any issues resulting from the content created within these boards.

Responsibility of Users

Metro Retro acknowledges that there is potential for users to create content that violates privacy or publicity rights; or infringes intellectual and other proprietary rights. Metro Retro disclaims any responsibility for any harm or use of this content created by any user. This also applies to any Metro Retro curated content used or removed to any other sites or software by users.


If Metro Retro requires an update to its Terms of Use, Privacy Policy or fundamental user offering then users will be contacted directly with details of the change and information on any action required. Users will be contacted via email, using the email address provided at account creation.


Metro Retro may terminate access to any and all parts of the service at any time, without cause or notice. If you wish to terminate your account with Metro Retro, then please follow the instructions contained with the Privacy Policy.


Metro Retro have no warranty agreements for it’s services and offer neither an error free or continuous service. In using Metro Retro you are accepting of these terms, and the impact of such potential limitations to the service e.g. loss of data on an active board.