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Metro Retro is used by teams worldwide for sprint retrospectives, workshops, project planning and more. Our online whiteboard brings remote and hybrid teams together, improving collaboration, increasing enjoyment, and adding value to the precious time your team spends in meetings.
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How Scaled Company Culture During 10x Growth

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EZ Ops

How EZ Ops solves issues in agile teams with Metro Retro

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EAT Club

Building on a strong agile culture at Eat Club with Metro Retro

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Fostering a culture of high-performance teams with Metro Retro

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The retro tool loved by agile teams

Retrospectives are the most important event of the scrum framework, but many people ignore or undervalue them. Remote and hybrid teams worldwide are making their meetings engaging, collaborative and valuable with Metro Retro — the state of the art tool for retrospectives.

Metro Retro is the bomb for making fun retrospectives in an office or remote setting. It’s just beautiful and convenient, with a few quirky and unique features that keep our meetings from getting boring (like the wake up slap)!

Marianne Beglin, Enginn Technologies

Marianne Béglin
Product Owner, Enginn Technologies

I have a hard time picturing my work as a fully remote Agile Coach without Metro Retro. The alignment it brings to the teams I work with every day is exceptional.

Enno peters, Agile Coach, Architrave

Enno Peters
Agile Coach, Architrave

Metro Retro helps us focus on what matters while our new product team iterates rapidly. There’s always a template ready for my use case.

Chris VanderKolk, Zapier

Chris VanderKolk
Engineering Manager, Zapier

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