Worked Well / Kinda Worked / Didn't Work

A simple retrospective that focuses on the successes and shortcomings of a topic or activity.

Best For

Quick evaluation

When to Use

Assessing a recent activity

Agile Retrospective Exercise: Worked Well, Kinda-Worked, Didn't Work

Retrospectives are a key part of Agile software development, providing a forum for teams to reflect on their work and identify areas for improvement. The Worked Well, Kinda-Worked, Didn't Work format is a simple yet effective structure for a retrospective.

This format encourages honest and direct assessment of a recent activity. Worked well and didn't work are straight-forward for teams to add their points to, while the Kinda Worked section provides the necessary ambiguity for more nuanced points.

  • What worked well refers to practices or behaviors that were effective and contributed positively to the work.
  • Kinda-worked items had some positive impact but could be improved upon.
  • Didn't work items refer to practices or behaviors that did not work well or had a negative impact.

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