Waste Snake

Raise the team's awareness of the concept of waste, and record wasteful activities across daily work.

Best For

Identifying inefficiency

When to Use

During a project

Identify waste in your projects and processes with our friend, the Waste Snake.

Every time you encounter an item of waste, write it down and feed it to the snake. Periodically review and allocate time to fixing problems.

How to use the Waste Snake template

  1. Introduce the Waste Snake activity to the team, the types of waste that can occur, and run through some examples.
  2. Set a time period for collecting the data.
  3. Each time a team member experiences a wasteful process or activity, they can add it to the Waste Snake.
  4. At the end of the time period, review the waste items together.
  5. Decide the severity of each item and which to tackle.
  6. Decide how to fix the issues.

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