Thumbs / New Ideas / Recognition

Four-panel retrospective for team feedback that includes an emphasis on recognition and new ideas

Best For

Encouraging creativity

When to Use

When 'stuck in a rut'

A retrospective template that encourages a healthy dose of creativity.

While the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down categories are typical retrospective formats, this template explicitly asks for new ideas as part of the ideation process. Try to encourage open thinking.
It is important to keep the idea generation and evaluation phases separate so ideas aren't shut down too early.
If time is of the essence (when is it not?), use voting to select the top ideas to discuss and debate.

Tips for running this session

Pair the new idea evaluation phase with a "Yes and..." game, where everyone takes turns to add on to an idea, rather than criticise it. This can be an interesting exercise with a naturally cynical group!

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