The Superhero

What would be the Super Powers and Weaknesses of your team in superhero form? Who would be your Sidekick?

Best For

Forming a team identity

When to Use

Shortly into a new project

This is a fun and engaging session.

It is useful to self-assess through the lens of a superhero for a few reasons.
Firstly, instead of the team listing absolutely everything they might be 'good' or 'bad' at, they are now focusing on their SUPER POWERS - the super skills that make them special. Good for self-confidence.
Secondly, the team will focus on their critical weaknesses — their kryptonite — that would stop them saving the world.
Lastly, the team identify their superhero's sidekick — recognising the people and skills that assist them. Their 'ally in the fight against evil'.

Tips for running this session

To extend this exercise, ask the team to identify their nemesis, and how they would foil the nemesis's plans. Don't let the team dwell on their frustrations here, keep this section positive.

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