Awards Ceremony

Walk down the red carpet and hold an awards ceremony for your recently delivered features!

Best For

Celebrating recent work

When to Use

After a sprint or release

What is the Awards Ceremony Retrospective?

Don your dinner jackets and roll out the red carpet... use this awards night-themed activity to review the team's recently completed features. This activity starts on the red carpet being welcomed by fans and paparazzi, moves on to the award ceremony, and finishes with celebrating as a team!

If the team process has recently felt like a factory line, this glitzy retrospective gets the team to reflect on why they delivered their completed items, and reinvigorates their sense of purpose. The team categorizes the delivered features together and answers the following questions:

  • why they delivered each item?
  • who was each item for? (e.g. customers, marketing, business, internal teams, regulatory)
  • what was the value of each item?
  • which were the best, worst and most complex features to work on?

By reflecting on the above questions the team can inspect what they're delivering, and may cause them to take another look at their upcoming backlog. Is it appropriately weighted between the different areas and constantly delivering value?

How to run the Award Ceremony Retrospective

  1. Start the session by adding all recently completed items to the board (tip - drop a .csv file on the board to import items from your issue tracker).
  2. Then organize the items by who they were delivered for: your customers, the marketing department, or to help internal teams. (Tip - add additional categories if needed).
  3. Then move on to the awards ceremony - ask each person from the team to nominate a feature for each award: "The Winner", "The Golden Raspberry", and "The Epic".
  4. Review and discuss the results together. This is a good time to ask the team if there are any learnings from the session, or anything they want to try in the future.
  5. Lastly, ask the team how they want to celebrate their recent accomplishments together!

The retro starts with walking down the red carpet - who was each feature made for?
The finale - don't forget to celebrate!

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