Team Skills

A reflective exercise where a team ranks their skills from novice to pro.

Best For

Assessing the team aptitude

When to Use

When looking for improvement

A team uses a variety of skills to achieve their objectives. This activity helps a team assess their aptitude in various areas, and identify where to improve.

How to use the Team Skills exercise

  1. Introduce the exercise and the purpose. Decide on a topic or set of skills the team will be evaluating.
  2. For each skill added to the board, the team discusses their skill level where to place it on the scale.
  3. Once all skills are placed, review the overall rankings and identify skills to improve.
  4. Brainstorm ways to improve the targeted skills and vote on the most important / effective.


  • There are no right and wrong answers here - this is a reflective exercise that helps a team take ownership of their strengths and weaknesses.
  • The discussion around each skill is more valuable than the precise placement on the scale. Set rules for when to move on, so a single topic does not dominate the session.

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