Simple Kanban

Classic Kanban board with Backlog, Todo, In Progress and Done. Great as an alternative to more complex tools for quick and easy task tracking.

Best For

Simple Kanban board

When to Use

Throughout a project

Simple Kanban board: Lightweight Visual Task Tracking

The simple Kanban board is a visual template used to manage your workflow in a simple and light way. It can be used by an individual or on a collaborative project. The board consists of columns representing the different stages of a project or process, and you add a sticky note for each task that need to be completed.

The basic structure of the Kanban board includes three columns: To Do, In Progress, and Done, plus a Backlog section for the ideas and tasks that aren't prioritized yet. As tasks are completed, they are moved across the board from one column to the next, giving team members a clear visual representation of the progress of the project.

The simple Kanban board is a great alternative to complicated project management tools.

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