Risk Scale

The Risk Scale helps a team discuss the risks they take and decide which to address.

Best For

Managing risks

When to Use

During a project

There are many different definitions or what a risk is, but in the simplest terms it is "the possibility of something bad happening!"

This is an engaging collaborative activity that will prompt discussion. The team will put their risks into perspective and decide which to address. And on the flip side, this exercise also helps a team discuss where they are too cautious and could benefit from taking more risks.

Using the Risk Scale

  1. Introduce the exercise and the purpose.
  2. Writing their sticky notes in private mode, ask each team member to write down where the team is too cautious, and where it takes risks.
  3. With all sticky notes placed on the scale, everyone reveals their notes.
  4. Ask each person to present their notes.
  5. Group similar items and discuss the placements on the scale.
  6. For the items at each end of the scale, decide how to de-risk or be less cautious.

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