Crazy 8s sketching

Use this quick-fire sketching exercise to get the creative juices flowing!

Best For

Awakening creativity!

When to Use

At the start of an ideation workshop

What is Crazy 8s?

This exercise gets people to sketch 8 concepts in 8 minutes. Sounds tough but the key to this is simple sketches, anyone can do it!

Crazy 8's is originally an activity originating from the design sprint methodology, but it can be used at any time to bring some creative energy into a workshop, or even just to use something different to sticky notes!

How to runs a Crazy 8s exercise

  1. Introduce the exercise to the team and the topic you want them to draw concepts for. You should stress that this is not a design competition, but will help get all their great ideas out!
  2. Start the timer and get sketching!
  3. Call out each minute that passes, so participants can stay on track to complete all eight sketches.
  4. Once time is up, ask each person to select their top 3 ideas/sketches and present them to the team.
Tips for Crazy 8s
  • Use the marker pen to sketch
  • If your group is not used to sketching, show them how to draw key shapes - e.g. boxes, arrows, smiley faces, triangles and circles.

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