Bullseye digram

A visual exercise to gauge how 'on target' the team's sentiment is.

Best For

Visualizing group sentiment

When to Use

At any time

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The Bullseye diagram is an icebreaker / energizer exercise that you can use to ask a variety of questions to a team, across a range of purposes.

You can use it to:

  • ask icebreaker questions
  • skills assessment
  • how on target the team were with the last iteration of work
  • as a closing activity - "did we hit the target with the retrospective?"

How to use the Bullseye diagram

  1. Write your questions at the top of each bullseye, copy/paste more bullseyes if needed
  2. Introduce the exercise to the team, and have them each take a token color.
  3. Participants place their token on the bullseye to reflect their answer to the question
  4. Use the results to guide a discussion, and depending on the format, to identify actions / next steps / improvements.

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