v2 Announcement & 2022 Roadmap

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Try the brand new Metro Retro

The biggest update to Metro Retro is now live – get started to unlock new templates, tools, facilitation controls, team workspaces and more.

Read on for how and why the new version has come to life…

Big changes for Metro Retro in 2022 & 2023

Hello from Steve and Jamie at Metro Retro.  We are announcing the launch of the new version (v2) and how that will affect you as users of Metro Retro.

The first version of Metro Retro started as a hack-day project, built in just 18 hours.  After a year of evening and weekend work, it turned into what you are using today.  Since then, nearly 800,000 people from 140 countries have used Metro Retro.  We’re grateful to every single one of you for having taken Metro Retro for a spin.  It’s been amazing to watch it happen.

Our objective is to provide the best collaboration and productivity software on the planet.  A product that supercharges your meetings. A tool that amplifies your power to capture and organize information.  And most importantly, an app that feels so good to use that you’ll want to tell all your friends about it.

Metro Retro V2 is our first step (or maybe second step) towards this objective.  It’s a new application, designed and architected to provide a foundation to build our vision upon, while still maintaining the flexible, fun and intuitive feel you’ve all grown to love in our current app.  It’s available now.

What does this mean in plain English?

In short:

  • We’ve launched a new version of Metro Retro that will replace the current version in 2023 (roadmap below).
  • It includes a completely revamped board experience with an advanced editor, new tools, more templates, facilitator controls, and an even better slap mechanic.
  • There’s a new team dashboard with spaces and folders, more security settings, single-sign on, and more in the pipeline.
  • It’s designed for running all your meetings, not just retrospectives.

You can see a preview of the new features on the Announcement page.

When is this happening?

Here is our current roadmap of the changes.  

Present to Q4 2022:
  • V2 is available in the Early Access program.
  • Early Adopter plan open to program members.
Q4 2022:
  • Early Access program ends.
  • All registered users will be invited to create V2 accounts.
  • New* sign-ups will automatically receive V2 accounts.
Q1 2023:
  • Access to Metro Retro V1 will become read-only.  
  • Users should migrate their boards to V2.
End Q1 2023:
  • Metro Retro V1 will be taken offline.
  • Any un-migrated boards will automatically be migrated.

* New means someone registering directly, not just visiting a v1 board link.  New users that are invited to a V1 board will be still given access to V1 until the end of the V1 lifetime.

Will Metro Retro still be free?

Yes – there is a free tier for small teams or those that only use the tool infrequently.  The free offering has limits applied to the product usage.

How much will it cost?

Full details of all the plans are on our Pricing page.

Free tier

You can run meetings with the great new features, templates and tools, but you’ll have a limit on the number of boards you can create, and the number of objects you can create in those boards.

Host – $25 per Host, per month

The Host plan is an individual license – perfect for a single project or a consultant. Pay for just the Hosts and everyone else joins your boards as a free guest.

Team – $6 per team member, per month

Make Metro Retro your team’s collaboration space with unlimited boards and data, advanced collaboration features, as well as more security and privacy options including Single Sign On.

Enterprise – $12 per team member, per month

Everything in the Team plan, but for those who have custom requirements and/or further security needs.

Limited time offer – Early Adopter – $6 per team member, per month

The Early Adopter plan gives your team all features and unlimited boards, plus VIP support. Early Adopters will get new features before everyone else, direct support from the founders, as well as helping shape our roadmap. This plan is only available to teams who join the Early Access program before the official v2 launch.

Investing in the future of Metro Retro

It takes a lot of time and effort to build and maintain a service like this.  Unlike our competitors, many of whom have millions in venture capital behind them, we are entirely self funded and have zero external stakeholders.

This gives us great flexibility and a lot of freedom, but limits what we can afford to provide for free.  We’ve run Metro Retro for three years without charging a cent.  If the reduction in our free offering means that you have to stop using the service, we are sorry, and thank you for giving us a try.

But your name is Metro ‘Retro‘?

Yeah, we will get to that eventually.  It was really useful to have our main function in our name when establishing our early customer base.  Now that we are broadening our scope to all team meetings & workshops, we’ll revisit the name in the future.

I have questions…

If you’d like to talk to us, please use the support chat or email contact@metroretro.wpsc.dev.

How you can help Metro Retro

We’re a small team of two people, so the first thing we want to do is to expand the team to help us build our roadmap. The best way you can help us is to start a subscription – take advantage of the Early Adopter plan!

If you want to support us and are unable to afford a full plan, or are a non-profit or charitable organization, please talk to us about your options.

If you want to help us even further – there’s a few things you can do:

  1. Tell us what templates and features you’d like to see in Metro Retro.
  2. Write or record a testimonial for us to put on our site. You can see some lovely shout outs from customers at https://metroretro.io/about
  3. Link to Metro Retro from your personal blog or company site.
  4. Share what you love about Metro Retro with colleagues, friends, on social media, at conferences…

How to try the new Metro Retro

To get started with v2, just create a free space!

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