Metro Retro is evolving.

With more templates, new tools, and facilitator mode, the new Metro Retro is your perfect team collaboration tool. And we're only just getting started...

To infinity, and beyond...

From the day Metro Retro was launched, the plan was always for something bigger. To build the worlds best collaboration experience. A digital space for creating ideas, without the limits of the physical world. The perfect tool whether your team is in the same room, or in ten different time zones.

We've spent the last year rebuilding Metro Retro from the ground up, towards this vision. Join us in our Early Access program and be part of the journey. Experience all the great new stuff we've built today, and help us shape what is coming tomorrow.

Join with your team to get:

Beta feature releases before anyone else

Contribute to improving Metro Retro

Personal onboarding and 1-2-1 support from the founders

Early Access pricing and benefits

With a more powerful editor...

Create better boards, more easily.

Total Freedom
Move, resize and rotate board elements to easily create rich board designs.
Natural ArrangementEasily rearrange and organize your boards with automatic nesting and z-ordering.
No BoundariesDrag & drop or copy & paste pictures from the web or your computer into your boards.

The line-up is getting bigger...

Meet your new collaboration toolset!



Shape tool iconZone iconImage tool iconText tool iconSticky note iconToken tool iconIndex card iconTopic Tool iconVoting tool iconReaction tool iconMarker pen iconConfetti tool icon
Drop shapes like you're at an early 90's warehouse rave with the new Shape Tool.
Use the Zone Tool to create containers for board content.  Zones now have a configurable auto-color property!
Insert images into your board either with drag and drop, copy and paste or using our integrated browser (via Pixabay)!
Write instructions, notes or any long form text with the Text Tool. Now with better sizing and styling options.
Finally, you can choose a Sticky color now with the Sticky Tool...  I know! The future is now...
Using the Token Tool to add emoticons, voting counters or user counters to your board. They also support regular emoji.
Index Cards are like Stickies, only bigger, and with lines... What more is there to say?
Group objects together using the Topic Tool (formerly Group Tool). We've tweaked the algorithm a bit to make it nicer to use!
Run voting rounds as part of your meeting/workshop with the Voting Tool.
Reactions: Respond with emojis to what others have written!
Have you ever wanted to draw eggplants on your colleagues Stickies?  Well now you can, with the new Marker Tool!
It seems like every whiteboarding app has confetti now. Just remember who did it first though (and best)!

Facilitator Mode!

Plan out your workshop ahead of time with the Structured Meeting planner.

Structured meeting planner

Make it up as you go along with the Freestyle Meeting mode.

Freestyle meeting options

Keep the meeting on track with our ever growing list of facilitation features.

Activity timer

Goodbye endless list of boards.

Hello to organized team spaces.

Team Hub
Create unlimited workspaces to collaborate with your teams.
Share SecurelyControl who has access to boards with user roles and private workspaces.
Organized FunManage your boards with folders, view modes, sorting and favorites.

Coming Next

We have a long list of new features. We release updates once or twice per month. Check out our previous release notes here.

Agile Ceremonies

Better support for Refinement, Planning, Three Amigos, OKRs, etc.

Multi-Activity Workshops

Easily compose workshops from multiple templates & lock areas until ready.

App Integrations

Integrations with your tools - issue tracking, calendars, wikis...

Now in Early Access

Join with your team and get access to:

Beta feature releases before anyone else

Contribute to improving Metro Retro

Personal onboarding and 1-2-1 support from the founders

Early Access pricing and benefits

Any questions about Early Access?

This is a brand new collaboration tool, and is separate from the original Metro Retro.

Until we launch v2 officially we are in Early Access, and have Early Adopter subscription plans available.

We've built on the features you love from v1 (confetti, right?) and added a whole lot more to help with your work - whether you’re a remote, hybrid or in-person team.

Early Adopter subscribers get all the new features first, and help us define the roadmap with their feedback.

We think Metro Retro is essential for anyone who needs to work visually with colleagues, however it may be more suitable for:

  • Engineering, product and agile teams (all flavours and denominations welcome, yes even SAFe).
  • Facilitators, coaches and scrum masters.
  • Colleagues in the same organization.

If you’re a freelancer or an agency working with multiple clients, talk to us about the Consultant Plan, which is in Beta.

Pricing plans for teams are available here.

There is a Free plan, and you can choose to upgrade to a paid subscription to unlock:

  • unlimited board objects
  • security & privacy controls
  • external collaborators (guests)

While we are in Early Access, there is an Early Adopter plan available. For the same price as the regular Team plan ($6 per team member, per month), you get all features across all plans now and for the entirety of your subscription. It's a thank you from us (and probably the best plan we'll ever offer!).

Our plans are priced per team member. If you are a consultant, talk to us about the upcoming Consultant plan, that is in Beta.

We don’t have an end date to share yet, but we do have a number of features and criteria we want to achieve before public release.

Regardless of when we end the Early Access period, Early Access teams will keep their benefits beyond general release - the closest thing to being a VIP around here.

Firstly, you will create your organization space and invite your colleagues.

Then you can use it as much as you want on the Free plan - there's enough new templates and tools to keep you busy for a while!

You can choose to upgrade at any point.

We'll be asking Early Access teams for regular feedback on the new features and roadmap direction.

v1 and v2 are separate Apps, so you don’t lose access to the original Metro Retro while trialing the new version.

Please email us at or use the support chat to talk to us.