4 Ls: Liked, Learned, Lacked, Longed For

The 4 Ls is a popular four-panel retrospective that asks teams to feedback on the positives and negatives of a particular topic or activity.

Best For

Reflecting on recent events

When to Use

At the end of workshop, event or sprint

This format gives people an opportunity to express themselves through a range of headings.

Start this retro with a warm-up tounge twister - get everyone to say the categories as quickly as they can four times: "Liked-Lacked-Learned-Longed For!"

Tips for running this session

Run this exercise similarly to most retrospectives:

  1. Ideate - ask people to write their sticky notes - 10 minutes
  2. Share and present their points - 20 minutes
  3. Identify patterns and group similar sticky notes - 10 minutes
  4. Vote on the most important issues - 5 minutes
  5. As a team, decide what actions to take for the top 3 voted issues. - 20 minutes

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