General Questions

What is Metro Retro?

How much does it cost to use Metro Retro?

What else can I use Metro Retro for other than retrospectives?

Which other tools is Metro Retro integrated with?

Which devices, OS and browsers does Metro Retro work on?

Are there any limits to using Metro Retro?

Currently, you are able to create as many boards as you like and there is not a limit to the number of participants that can join a single board. This might change in the future depending on the popularity of the product. If they do we will try and notify users.

Within each board there are limits on the number of "objects" that can be created. Specfically a maximum of:

  • 500 Sticky Notes
  • 500 Images
  • 2500 Reactions
  • 500 Text Elements
  • 50 Zones

These limits exist to protect Metro Retro against abuse but have been set high enough that we do not think anyone will reasonably reach them. If you do think you hit a limit, contact us and we can help you out if your situation is legitimate.

Does Metro Retro work offline?

Where can I find Metro Retros Terms and Privacy Policy?

Where can I find out which features or bugs are next on the roadmap?

How can I contact the people behind Metro Retro?