General Questions

What is Metro Retro?

How much does it cost to use Metro Retro?

What else can I use Metro Retro for other than retrospectives?

Which other tools is Metro Retro integrated with?

Which devices, OS and browsers does Metro Retro work on?

Are there any limits to using Metro Retro?

Does Metro Retro work offline?

Where can I find Metro Retros Terms and Privacy Policy?

Where can I find out which features or bugs are next on the roadmap?

How can I contact the people behind Metro Retro?

It's super easy to contact us! You can speak to us directly via Intercom which is available by clicking the speech bubble on the bottom right corner of most screens. When you are inside a board, Intercom is behind the (?) under the Chat To Us link.

We're keen to hear from all our users to please get in touch with us if you have any issues using Metro Retro or if you'd like to give us some feedback or make a new cool feature request!