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What is Play mode vs Build Mode?

What is the Move Tool?

What is the Arrow Tool?

What is the Comment Tool?

What is the Reaction Tool?

The Reaction Tool allows you to add an emoji response to a sticky note - as many times as you like! Add reactions by selecting an appropriate emoji from the selection box that appears when you activate the tool. Once selected, you can stamp this emoji in any position you like on any note you like.

If you want to remove emoji's that you or someone else created, you can use the emoji eraser which is available below the emoji selection box that appears when you select the Reaction Tool. To erase, click and drag over the areas where emoji's have been applied to clean the sticky note of reactions.

Don't forget you can Undo any of these actions by using CTRL+Z or the Undo button at the bottom of the screen.

What is the Voting Tool?

What is the Confetti Tool?

What is the Text Tool?

What is the Insert Image Tool?

What is the Zone Tool?

What is the Advanced Pointer setting for?