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What is Play mode vs Build Mode?

What is the Move Tool?

What is the Arrow Tool?

What is the Comment Tool?

What is the Reaction Tool?

What is the Voting Tool?

The Voting Tool allows you to upvote a sticky note - as many times as you like! Add votes by selecting the voting tool and left clicking on the sticky note you want to vote for. If you want to remove a vote you have cast, right click and your most recent vote will be removed. You can only remove votes that you have added to sticky notes, not the votes of others.

If you want to show the rankings of all the sticky notes with votes you can do this by clicking the Show Rankings button in the bottom left of the screen. This button only appears after the first vote has been cast. You can also clear all the votes that have been cast (by everyone) using the clear votes button.

Don't forget you can Undo any of these actions by using CTRL+Z or the Undo button at the bottom of the screen.

What is the Confetti Tool?

What is the Text Tool?

What is the Insert Image Tool?

What is the Zone Tool?

What is the Advanced Pointer setting for?