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How do I...?

Click the (?) icon in the bottom right of the screen when you are inside a board. This is the Help button that brings up support options. From here you can retake the tutorial, talk to us via Intercom of access the Q&A help.

When you are in any of your boards you can click the Metro Retro logo in the top left to return to your Dashboard. On any of the other pages, e.g. this page, you can click the Metro Retro title to return to the Dashboard.

If you are logged out, will be returned to the brochure pages instead of your Dashboard.

Using the built-in timer is a great way to time-box parts of your session. You can find the timer by clicking on the stopwatch icon at the top of the screen when inside a board. The timer panel allows you to:

  • Set the time by clicking on the number; it will be pre-set to 10 minutes.
  • Start/Pause the timer. Pressing Start after Pause will resume from the previous value.
  • Stop & reset the timer to the starting value.
  • Quickly add an extra minute using the +1 button.

The timer is shared with everyone so anything you do, including opening the panel, will be mirrored for all users!

Each template will include a brief description of how to run a session with the template at the top of the layout. If this does not suffice, you can try searching the internet for the title of the template. All Metro Retro templates are based on existing retrospective formats and it should be easy to locate more detailed instructions and tips for running sessions.

You can use an existing board that you have created or joined as a template for a new board. You can do this by hovering over the board you want to use on the Dashboard screen and clicking the Start as a template icon. This will select the board as your template. Enter a name and click Create as you would with any other template.

Using an existing board as a template is a great way to re-use a board design multiple times instead of creating it each time.

Metro Retro allows you to export your boards content as CSV or JSON. This function is available under the Share icon in the top right of the board view. You can either view the raw output in text box for quick copy and pasting or download the output in file format. If you choose CSV you will quickly be able to open and view the content in Excel or any other spreadsheet application.

You can set a password for a board to better control who has access. This password can be changed after your colleagues have joined so that they cannot send the password to others. Once a user has joined they can rejoin without the password.

To set a password, enter the board and click the Share icon at the top right of the screen. Enable the Password Protected toggle to show the password input and enter your password. If you switch the toggle off again it will remove the password. Toggling off and on again will allow you to change the password.

Currently there is no option to remove someone from a board once they have joined. This is something we may add in the future. If you would like to see this feature please get in touch and let us know.

To invite others to your Metro Retro board you have a few options:

  • Click the share icon in the top right and click Copy and then paste this link to your colleagues.
  • Alternatively, this link is just the URL from the address bar which you an copy and paste as well!
  • Share the board code, which is the part of the URL that will look like r1P9ZHzKE. With this others can use the Join Board button on their Dashboard and enter this code.

You can control access to who joins by setting a password and giving this to your colleagues.

You can change the structure of your board by using Build Mode to edit the structural elements. We recommend reading the contents of the What is...? section for further information on the functions available.

When you are in a board, click on the board name in the header bar and it will become editable. Type the new name you would like to use and hit Enter or click off the textbox to apply the change.

You cannot delete a board but you can leave a board. Leaving means it won't show up on your Dashboard and you will need to use the direct link to access the board again. This can be done by hovering over the board you want to leave on your Dashboard and clicking the Leave icon which looks like a person leaving through a door.

If you really need to delete a board for some reason, you can delete all the contents of the board by multi-selecting all the contents and pressind delete. Deleting a Post-it will erase it completely from the database. Alternatively, you can chat to us on Intercom and we can delete your board manually.

Once you have signed in via Google, Github or Slack you will arrive at your Dashboard. From here you can use the Create Board button to configure and create a new board. Don't forget to check out the list of templates before you click Create, there are several to choose from for different types of sessions!

Select the post-it you would like to delete by clicking on it once, then use the delete/backspace key. On Mobile/Tablet you will see a "Bin" icon on the bottom right hand side of the screen, tap this and the post it will be removed.

When you open a board you arrive in Play mode. In this mode you are interacting with the board as a session participant. In this mode, double-clicking or double-tapping (on mobile/table) will create a Post-it at the position you clicked/tapped. Your new Post-it will be automatically selected and a cursor will appear so you can enter your content straight away. Click/tap off your Post-it to apply the changes.