How do I...?

How do I create a sticky-note?

How do I delete a sticky-note?

How do I create a new board?

How do I delete a board?

You cannot delete a board but you can leave a board. Leaving means it won't show up on your Dashboard and you will need to use the direct link to access the board again. This can be done by hovering over the board you want to leave on your Dashboard and clicking the Leave icon which looks like a person leaving through a door.

If you really need to delete a board for some reason, you can delete all the contents of the board by multi-selecting all the contents and pressind delete. Deleting a Post-it will erase it completely from the database. Alternatively, you can chat to us on Intercom and we can delete your board manually.

How do I rename a board?

How do I customize a board?

How do I invite team members to a board?

How do I kick someone from a board?

How do I make a board private?

How do I export my board to other tools?

How do I create my own templates?

How do I learn how to use the different templates available?

How do I use the timer feature?

How do I get back to the Dashboard?

How do I retake the tutorial?