Weather Report Check-in

Each person chooses what the weather was like for their work this past week and why.

Best For

Reflecting on the week

When to Use

At the start of a meeting

Reflect on the week's work with the Weather Report Check-in

Start your Meeting with the Weather Report Check-in, an easy icebreaker to get a team reflecting back on their week and sharing with others.

As well as hearing how each person's week was, you get a sense of their mood for the meeting ahead, and if there might be anything else to discuss.

How to use the Weather Report Check-in

Ask the team:

"If you had to describe the work you've done in terms of the weather, how was it for you?"

Then each person adds their token with an accompanying sticky note explaining their choice. Give each person the option to explain their choice to the group.

Tip - this activity can also be used as a forward-looking weather forecast for the next week.

Weather Report Icebreaker
An example of a team's completed weather report

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