The Speedcar

The Speedcar retrospective is a picture template that uses a racing car metaphor to ask the team what is holding them back and what is driving them forwards.

Best For

To identify good and bad practices

When to Use

In the middle of a project

In this retrospective, ask the team what is holding them back, and what keeps driving them forward?

This template is a bit of a mixed metaphor as if you've deployed a parachute on your racecar you surely want to slow down. Anyway.

Tips for running this session

An extension of this exercise is to ask the team to think about the environment around the race car:
Is the road underneath them well paved? Do they know where it's going? Are they on a looped track or in the middle of the nowhere?
Can anyone see them? Who is watching, cheering them on?

If you really want to go deeper with the metaphor, ask the team who they identify with in the picture - are they the driver, or does the car better represent them? Perhaps they're the mechanic team supporting the car.

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