The Sailboat

The Sailboat is a picture template that uses a sailing boat metaphor to help a team visualise their goal and how they get there.

Best For

Keeping a goal in sight

When to Use

When a team is veering off-course

The Sailboat is one of our favourite retrospective formats. Imagine you're on a boat, the wind whistling through your hair, heading to a distant island...

The Sailboat retro asks the team to pretend they are on a boat travelling through the sea. The wind, rocks and anchor are metaphors for things that help or hinder the team, while the island represents the goal.

As well as being a retrospective template, you can run this session at the beginning of a project to help a team define their goals.

Bonus questions to ask the team

  • Have the actions they've taken got them closer or further from the island?
  • Are the team relying too much on the wind (external factors)?
  • How much is the anchor trailing behind, can we do something to pull it in quickly?
  • Do the team really know where all the rocks are? Should they scout ahead again?

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