Planning Poker

Run story point estimation with the Planning Poker template! This new template uses a playing cards mechanic.

Best For

Scrum teams using story points

When to Use

In estimation sessions

What is Planning Poker?

Planning Poker is one of the Scrum meetings that helps teams estimate their upcoming work. The team will estimate upcoming work items with a set of Fibonnaci-like values called story points. Each person selects their estimate privately, and everyone displays their estimate at the same time, reducing bias in choosing the estimate.

Once everyone's estimates are shown, the team will review the range of estimates and discuss any variance. The team either then agrees the story point value for the item, or runs an estimation round again.

How to use the Planning Poker template

  1. Import your stories to the board from a CSV file, or add them manually (psst - JIRA integration coming soon).
  2. Put the first story into the estimation zone, and discuss the scope of the item.
  3. Once everyone has placed an estimate card face down, they are all revealed at the same time.
  4. Any difference in estimate value should be discussed - it could mean misunderstanding, or scope questions that needs to be resolved.
  5. Once the estimate value is agreed, move the item to the 'Stories Done' section.
  6. Repeat with the next story, or until you run out of time.

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