One Page Test Plan

Use the One Page Test plan to clearly communicate the test plan for your sprint or project.

Best For

Lightweight, adaptable testing plans

When to Use

Before testing commences

What is the One Page Test Plan?

A one page test plan is a condensed and simplified version of a traditional test plan that fits onto a single page. It provides an easily accessible and concise summary of the key information about a testing project or initiative.

A typical one page test plan will include information such as the project's objectives, the scope of the testing, the testing approach and methodology to be used, the tools required, any potential issues, and the testing timeline.

The benefit of a one page test plan is that it can be easily shared and understood by all members of the testing team, as well as stakeholders and clients who may not be familiar with the details of testing processes. It serves as a useful reference throughout the development and testing process.

The One Page Test plan in Metro Retro

Using a Metro Retro board is a sure-fire way of creating a test plan that everyone on the team will read and contribute to.

Complete the sections on the template with your colleagues at the beginning of a sprint or project and invite the team to review it before the development work starts.

Because everything is in sticky notes on a collaborative whiteboard, team members can work together to add ideas and information from different perspectives and locations. Metro Retro allows team members to work together even if they are not in the same physical location, making it a powerful tool for remote teams or distributed workforces.

The One Page Test Plan is inspired by Claire Reckless.

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