Genie in a Bottle

Unleash some magic with the Genie in a Bottle retrospective. Use your three wishes wisely!

Best For

Injecting positivity and creativity

When to Use

When a team is stuck in a rut

What is the Genie in a Bottle Retrospective?

Get ready to unleash some magic with the "Genie in a Bottle" retrospective!

It's all about imagining you've rubbed that old lamp and out pops a genie ready to grant you three wishes - one just for you, one for your team, and one for the project.  It's a fun, different way to think about what would help you.  Give it a whirl and see how your team's wishes can spark some conversations and actions!

The "Genie in a Bottle" retrospective can be especially useful for injecting positivity and creativity into a team showing signs of dissatisfaction. It can also serve as a Futurespective, directing thoughts toward future sprints or projects.

The Three Wishes:

  • A Wish For You: A personal wish. This might concern professional growth, like desiring additional time for certification studies.
  • A Wish For the Team: A wish for team enhancement. For example, a proposed weekly team celebration to foster unity.
  • A Wish For the Project: A wish for the wider project. For example, better co-operation with other teams.

How to Run the Genie in a Bottle Retrospective

  1. Introduction: explain the activity, and enter Meeting Mode to enable private sticky notes.
  2. Add wishes: each person adds one sticky note to each area.
  3. Share wishes: each person reveals their sticky notes and explain their wishes.
  4. Group wishes: cluster similar wishes and discuss the topics.
  5. Reflection and action: finally, distil the wishes into actionable items where possible.

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