Agree or Disagree

Get the team comfortable with expressing opinions.

Best For

A new team

When to Use

At the start of a meeting

What is the Agree or Disagree check in exercise?

Agree or Disagree is a check-in activity to get people comfortable with expressing their opinion.

Use a set of statements that people can debate lightly, but are not too controversial for the group.

This is most commonly used as an icebreaker, but you can use the format for the data-gathering stage of a retrospective.

How to run the Agree or Disagree exercise

  1. Set up the exercise with the statements you want to use. Add more questions if desired.
  2. Introduce the exercise to the team and get each person to choose their color tokens.
  3. The participants place a token on each scale, to show whether they agree or disagree with the statement. It is optional to add a sticky note with a reason.
  4. Once the statements are completed, review them with the team and discuss.
  5. If you're the team facilitator or coach, make note of the team's personalities and comfort with expressing themselves.
Agree or Disagree Examples

You can use these examples in your template, or come up with your own:

  • Ice cream is better than chocolate
  • I would survive a zombie apocalypse
  • Working remotely is better than working in an office
  • Fruit are a superior food to vegetables
  • Being famous is better than being rich
  • I am a night owl
  • Emojis are over-used
  • I am the best karaoke singer on the team
  • I have the nerdiest hobby
  • Dogs > Cats
  • Superman vs Batman
  • Invisibility vs Flight
  • I love Christmas
  • Summer is better than Winter

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