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What is Play mode vs Build Mode?

What is the Move Tool?

What is the Arrow Tool?

What is the Comment Tool?

What is the Reaction Tool?

What is the Voting Tool?

What is the Confetti Tool?

What is the Text Tool?

What is the Insert Image Tool?

The Insert Image Tool allows you to add an image to your board. You can use images to decorate your board or help provide instructions and annotations to your session. Enter the URL of an image and click insert. Once inserted, the image will appear at the center of your screen after which you can move and resize the image as you like.

Metro Retro loads the image from the URL provided so the link must be a direct link to an image. Be careful not to link to a page with an image on, e.g. Google Search results. The best way to get an image URL is to right click in Chrome and choose Copy Image Address. If you enter an invalid URL you will receive an error.

What is the Zone Tool?

What is the Advanced Pointer setting for?