What is...?

What is Play mode vs Build Mode?

What is the Move Tool?

What is the Arrow Tool?

What is the Comment Tool?

What is the Reaction Tool?

What is the Voting Tool?

What is the Confetti Tool?

The Confetti Tool allows you to pop confetti. You can pop as much confetti as you like. Just be aware that everyone will see it and you might annoy your team. With the tool selected, click and drag the mouse in the opposite direction to your preferred trajectory and release when ready. The amount and force of the confetti depends on how far you pull back the mouse.

Metro Retro confetti is environmentally friendly and recycled from deleted sticky notes. When you delete a Post-it in Metro Retro, the soul of the Post-it will sent to the big retrospective in the sky. That is... unless it was a bad Post-it. Either way, the body of the Post-it is shredded and sent to the Metro Retro Confetti Storage Facility to await popping.

What is the Text Tool?

What is the Insert Image Tool?

What is the Zone Tool?

What is the Advanced Pointer setting for?