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What is Play mode vs Build Mode?

What is the Move Tool?

The Move Tool is the primary tool (and the default tool) for both Play and Build modes. In both Play and Build modes it allows you to manipulate (move, resize where applicable and delete) objects on the board. In Play mode it is also the way you create sticky notes by double clicking with the mouse or double tapping on touch devices.

On touch devices the toolbar is hidden. The default interaction on these devices is the Move Tool but with some changes to optimize behavior for touch. Currently, you cannot use Build Mode or any of the more advanced Play mode features on tablet or mobile.

What is the Arrow Tool?

What is the Comment Tool?

What is the Reaction Tool?

What is the Voting Tool?

What is the Confetti Tool?

What is the Text Tool?

What is the Insert Image Tool?

What is the Zone Tool?

What is the Advanced Pointer setting for?