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What is Play mode vs Build Mode?

Metro Retro allows a deep level of board customization. Anything on the board you see you can change. To enable a smooth editing experience alongside a smooth participation experience, Metro Retro has two modes; Build & Play.

In Build mode you will see tools that allow you to alter sticky zones, images and text that make up the board. The primary interactions (e.g. selecting, and mutating objects) will affect only the structural elements, not the sticky notes.

In Play mode you will see tools that enable participation and collaboration. You can only interact directly with sticky notes and not the structural elements.

Use the Switch Mode button at the top of the toolbar on the left side of the board screen to switch between modes. Be aware that even though you are in Build Mode your actions are still delivered in realtime to other participants. Everyone will see the changes you are making live!

Please note that Build mode is exclusive to desktop. On tablet and mobile users are limited to the core Play Mode functionality.

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