General Questions

What is Metro Retro?

How much does it cost to use Metro Retro?

What else can I use Metro Retro for other than retrospectives?

Which other tools is Metro Retro integrated with?

Which devices, OS and browsers does Metro Retro work on?

Check the table below for device/browser compatability:

Platform Support
Google Chrome Full Support
Mozilla Firefox Full Support
Safari, Brave & Webkit variants Full Support
Microsoft Edge Unsupported
Microsoft IE Unsupported
iOS Safari/Chrome/Other Reduced Feature Support1
Android Chrome/Other Reduced Feature Support1

1 On tablet and mobile you can use the main Metro Retro features but many of the more advanced features are disabled (e.g. editing). Mobile support can vary a lot depending on device. Older or budget Android models will suffer performance issues.

Are there any limits to using Metro Retro?

Does Metro Retro work offline?

Where can I find Metro Retros Terms and Privacy Policy?

Where can I find out which features or bugs are next on the roadmap?

How can I contact the people behind Metro Retro?