General Questions

What is Metro Retro?

Metro Retro is a collaborative web application created to help teams run productive, engaging and fun retrospectives. It uses realtime updates, adaptable templates and a quirky sense of humour to emulate as closely as possible the classic paper based retrospective activity.

Users join a shared board and add sticky notes to the various categories as they would in a traditional retrospective. Initially, sticky note content is hidden to provide users a way of creating their ideas in private. Then, when they are ready, the users reveal their sticky notes to each other and discuss the ideas as a group.

There are various tools available to aid presentation and discussion including post-it highlighting, emoji reactions and pointing arrows. Once the discussion is over, the contents of the board can be exported and archived in other tools (e.g. company wiki) or just left as is - boards are always available to come back to later.

How much does it cost to use Metro Retro?

What else can I use Metro Retro for other than retrospectives?

Which other tools is Metro Retro integrated with?

Which devices, OS and browsers does Metro Retro work on?

Are there any limits to using Metro Retro?

Does Metro Retro work offline?

Where can I find Metro Retros Terms and Privacy Policy?

Where can I find out which features or bugs are next on the roadmap?

How can I contact the people behind Metro Retro?